Monday, November 28, 2011

Go West!!!! & On the Farm!!!

Okay so the end of the school year always brings a musical program of some sort. This year they (Teton Elem) did it a bit different. They let each class do their own program. Keller's was all about the farm. He was a farmer and he was not I repeat Not happy about dressing up. (I wonder who he got that from hum???) He didn't want everyone to laugh at him. So I had to be smart about it. We put him in his awesome "engineer Pant" that some farmers wear sometimes, a "Hill & Son" cool guy hat (They are so cool that grandpa Dick wears one daily) and Rain boots in case he needed to check water on the farm (you know play in the ditch) Well he bought it for the day anyway. Sawyer on the other hand doesn't mind being the center of attention. He had a big speaking part due to the fact that he was the "wagon master" Remember 4th grade is Idaho History!!! I filmed the whole thing on the video camera so we can always go back and enjoy the musical talents of both first and fourth graders at Teton Elem!!!

More Field Day

Okay so here are a few more field day photos. who doesnt love gunnie sack racing action shots?!?! I know I do. I had to include the ones of Parker aka Keller's first love. And I do love Keller's facial expresions as he is jumping in his gunnie sack. Mrs. Hughes (Keller's teacher) had asked me to help with the first graders. That is why I have so many pictures of Keller and hardly any of Sawyer. There were close to 30 kids in Keller's class (only 5 girls) and 16 in Sawyer's. But I did get some action shots of Soy and the tug of war!!! What a shrimp. But he pulled and pulled. All in all it was a fun day.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Field Day May 2011

Field Day!!!! The boys love, love, love them a good field day. It starts with a picnic that the parents can come to. We were able to sit out by Heather Parry (Kaleb and Ruth's mom) & Catalina Cash (the beloved Parker and Rio's mom) Now Keller has had a major first crush on Parker. She is the girl with dark brown long hair. Her little sister's name is Rio after grandma and grandpa Harold and Kay's best friend Rio Archibald. (I thought that was cool) Anywho, Keller love Parker. They move away in the winter down to California where Catalina is from. He talks about her non stop. So it was fun to sit by them and get to visit. I also look for any excuse to visit with Heather Parry. I love her. She is a great person. Fun and super nice to be around. Anyway, at field day there are about 5-6 different stops that each class make and do some form of physical game. The P.E. teacher does this each year. Its fun to help our and be a part of it. Usually the weather surrounding this day is terrible and I think every year that it will have to be cancelled but every year it clears up and stops raining just long enough to have feild day. Lucky kiddos! These pics just show the kids playing at their best. Love the action shots!